Where Are TOTO Toilets Made? (with examples)

Where Are TOTO Toilets Made?

The short answer is, the Toto commodes you discover up for sale in the US come from a variety of different nations, including bathrooms made in the United States, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Thailand as well as even Japan.

Nevertheless, a raising portion of Toto commodes offered in America are partially or completely made in your area at the TOTO U.S.A. factory in Morrow, Georgia.

Toto made U.S.A.

Toto made U.S.A.
Toto made U.S.A.

Numerous Toto commode versions with ‘II’ in the name are produced in the Georgia below in the United States. For example, if you take the Toto Ultramax II available for sale on, the majority of are made in the USA (Though you might sometimes find the strange one from China).

Toto commode make

Toto commode make
Toto commode make

With the TOTO Drake II bathrooms on Amazon you find many are from either UNITED STATES, Vietnam or Thailand.

Sometimes amongst two-piece Toto bathrooms you will discover one item made in U.S.A. and also the other piece from like Vietnam. Sometimes also in Made in UNITED STATES Toto toilets you find internal components like the flushing system manufactured in a foreign Toto manufacturing facility.

When you acquire a Toto commode you can’t ensure which nation it will be manufactured in. Which country your Toto is produced will depend upon a variety of factors like version, year, and also the shop you acquire and also the batch they got.

All Toto commode are made adhering to the very same Japanese as well as US manufacturing criteria and they make certain the product top quality and coating is the same with extensive quality assurance. Because of this, Toto U.S.A. can resource and fulfill the need from any Toto factory worldwide.

As a global brand Toto has producing centers in many nations as well as regions. Established in Japan in 1917, and Toto is today a world’s leading commode brand, well-known for developing the Washlet and also derivative products. Their head-office is based in Kitakyushu, Japan, yet owns production centers in a dozen countries. They have developed systems to ensure toilets are produced with exact very same requirements in every Toto factory despite the area.

Toto commodes components made in numerous areas and even various countries are known to work perfectly together. The factors for this might lie with the kind of clay as well as production process Toto utilizes. Their bathrooms have much less variation than numerous various other brands, yet there will always be a small variant. This is one reason that Toto can construct up a storage tank made in Japan with a bowl made in the U.S.A. and have them in fact fit as well as work well with each other. Their manufacturing process is that well handled. You would not see that with any other brand name’s of bathrooms!

Just how To Purchase A TOTO Bathroom Made in USA?

But what happens if you want to actually purchase just a Toto toilet made in U.S.A.? If you really desire a Toto toilet made in America you possibly able to get one. After that try your neighborhood plumbing supply homes that have good supplies. If you are purchasing a more recent variation like Toto Drake II, you can ask them to verify that they have the storage tank and also dish that is made in the US. For older Toto versions like the Toto Drake they might let you pull packages as well as obtain you one that says, “Made in UNITED STATES”.

Brilliant Future for TOTO Toilets Made in UNITED STATES

In future there is excellent news for Made in US bathrooms. As we can see in the marketplace a raising portion of Toto Commode are made in the US at their huge plant at Morrow, Georgia. Toto UNITED STATES’s technique is to make more Toto commodes in the United States.

According to Toto sources, their manufacturing facility in Georgia has the ability to create one-piece Toto bathrooms at a reduced price than the very best Toto factory in China! Rising labor salaries and stricter environmental controls in those establishing nations are increasing their production costs. Therefore they have moved their whole manufacturing strategy towards structure factories better to the areas where their products are offered. As a result we will certainly be seeing even more Toto commodes made in USA and from closer regions like Mexico and Latin America.

Even today, TOTO has a lengthy listing of products that get the “Buy American Act”, although not all might qualify to have actually the “Made in the UNITED STATES” tag on the packaging. Along with toilets, they have actually lately begun putting together faucets in Georgia as well.

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