TOTO SanaGloss Vs CeFiONtect Glaze Finish

“Sanagloss” is the catchy advertising term for the CeFiONtect glaze. The term SanaGloss was utilized mainly by Toto UNITED STATES for marketing their commodes in the US for over a years. CeFiONtect is more a technological term. It was/is tough to articulate than SanaGloss. So calling the special Toto glaze as SanaGloss made it very easy to articulate, remember and market. (CeFiONtect means “Ceramic Great Ion Technology”, with a leftover “T”).

But obviously around 2015, Toto went down the term ‘Sanagloss’ as well as determined to utilize the term “CeFiONtect” for the polish. The factor being almost everywhere else in the world they were calling it CeFiONtect.

However, you’ll see the term SanaGloss crop up on a regular basis when chatting with plumbings, pipes providers, and Toto toilet owners. The term is still widely used in advertising and marketing. It’s still perplexing for new toilet buyers. I recognize it provided for me when I first began checking into Toto toilets.

Should I Buy A TOTO With Or Without SanaGloss?

There are some Toto commodes to buy with and also without SanaGloss (CeFiONtect). For example, if you take the budget plan Toto toilet sector, there is a Toto Drake with SanaGloss on Amazon and a Drake without SanaGloss. The one without SanaGloss has to do with $50 cheaper. This makes some consumers buy the one without SanaGloss. Yet that’s not saving money. In the future, you can conserve time, cash and also problem with a bathroom that has SanaGloss.

I very recommend Toto commodes with SanaGloss since it stays clean longer, is less complicated to clean up, last longer and really significantly I feel much better having the better one.

( Note: If you are mosting likely to acquire a Toto commode you would certainly have seen there are a lot of different versions. I have actually covered the best Toto toilets right here with evaluations as well as contrast. It can assist you in your search and also conserve you time and money wading through numerous versions. You know just how vast the Toto commode variety is. It took me a lot of time, taking a look at around 40-50 Toto Models and also selecting the most effective from every different toilet group, be it one-piece, two-piece, dual-flush, premium Toto Washlets etc.).

Which TOTO Toilets Have Sanagloss?

All Toto commode models are readily available with SanaGloss (CeFiONtect). It is only the cheaper Toto bathroom designs that feature and without SanaGloss finish for advantage of budget plan aware customers.

The Toto versions that come with/without SanaGloss are just a few designs like the Toto Drake I Two-Piece commode as well as the TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Commode. Besides a few models like these, all Toto designs generally includes Sanagloss (CeFiONtect) polish requested a resilient coating that prevents the build-up of mold, limescale and waste matter.

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