Standard Height Vs Comfort Height Toilets: Pros & Cons Compared

Requirement Height Vs Convenience Elevation Toilets Contrast Chart

Here is a comparison chart I created the two main commode heights with other useful details.

Criterion HeightComfort Height

Commode Elevation:

15 -16 inches with seat (14/15 inches seatless) 17-19 inches with seat (16-18 inches seatless).

Various Other Names:

Routine HeightUniversal Height (by Toto), Right Elevation (by American Requirement), ADA Certified Elevation, Chair height,.


Better for kids & shorter individuals,.

An even more natural placement,.

Assists avoid constipationADA Compliant toilet,.

Easy for tall grownups, senior as well as disabled,.


Can be tougher to stand up from,.

Uneasy for high and also older people, Less comfortable for kids and also shorter grownups,.

Feet can hang creating loss of flow,.

May increase chance of irregularity,.


Can set you back a little a lot more for the exact same brandCan cost slightly less for the very same brand name.

Advised for:

Households with varying elevation people,.

For shorter adults,.

For children,.

For typical bathrooms & guest roomsMost adults,.

Taller individuals,.

Elderly and also disabled people.

Semi-public gain access to commodes like workplaces, structures etc

. I think the above table made several points clear regarding toilet heights for you. Nevertheless, let’s look at each bathroom height levels in little bit more information.

So what is the distinction between standard height as well as convenience elevation toilets?

As the table shows the major distinction is conventional height commode have a much shorter seat elevation (about 15/16 from ground to seat) and also comfort height toilets are taller (regarding 17 or 18 inches from floor to seat level).

Criterion Elevation Toilets.

Basic elevation commodes made use of to be the normal height for bathrooms given that the contemporary flushing toilets we make use of were created in the 19th century. For this reason we get the name, ‘Standard Elevation’. Consequently, they are likewise referred to as, ‘Routine Height’ toilets.

Usually Typical Height bathrooms are about 14 or 15 inches from the flooring to top of the bowl. (With the commode seat they become concerning 15/16 inches high.) They are easier to make use of for youngsters and grownups with below par elevations.

There are likewise health and wellness benefits to ‘Standard Height’ commodes. The much shorter seat height allows everybody, tall and short, relax their feet on the flooring. Your legs won’t go to sleep (become numb) while using this toilet.

Research study additionally shows it’s great to have much shorter toilets as they permit your hips to be placed at a height less than your knees. It’s a more all-natural setting and aids for a more reliable cleansing of your bowels. For this reason, if you have a constipation problem, it is much better to have a common height commode with a lower seat.

Nonetheless, there are numerous negative aspects of Requirement Elevation bathrooms too. As they are much shorter, they are harder to stand from. Especially for older individuals and also people with disabilities and also leg pains. Tall grownups additionally discover them a bit awkward as it makes them sit in a lower setting with their legs higher.

Price-wise, basic elevation commodes can set you back slightly more than a ‘Convenience Elevation’ for the very same brand name as well as version.

Common elevation bathrooms are generally preferred by children, most females and even men with much shorter height stature than typical men.

The average American man height is around 5 ′.9 ″. My elevation is 5 ′.7 ″ as well as I have a typical elevation bathroom in the common shower room off the hall. With my elevation, I can comfortably use both the common elevation bathrooms or the taller convenience elevation commodes. Nonetheless my children and also much shorter loved ones & visitors will most definitely find it difficult if I set up the taller comfort height bathroom.

( If you interested in this commode height I’m creating a message on the most effective conventional height toilets on the market today.).

Convenience Elevation Toilets.

‘ Convenience Height’ bathrooms showed up late on the market. However, with a taller younger generation and also a maturing population, they are now coming to be more popular than ‘Standard Elevation’ bathrooms.

Comfort Elevation commodes are around 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat top. They are usually regarding two to three inches higher than Criterion Elevation models. 2 or 3 inches may feel like not much, however it does include a factor of convenience. It makes the journey to the bathroom a lot more comfy, thus the name ‘comfort toilet’.

If you look at the commode market today, different makers are utilizing various names for ‘Comfort Height’ commodes. As an example, TOTO is adamant they need to be called, ‘Universal Height’. American Criterion calls it, ‘Right Elevation’ bathrooms. Kohler calls it as it is, ‘Comfort elevation’. Its likewise known as “ADA compliant bathrooms” as the height matches that defined for bathrooms by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

When you go to get a convenience elevation toilet you may see some terms like ‘Toilet Bowl Elevation’ and also ‘Toilet Seat Elevation’. You require to recognize the distinction in between these 2 terms, particularly when purchasing Convenience Elevation bathrooms.

Commode Dish elevation is the height from the floor to top of the toilet bowl (without seat). The ‘Toilet Seat height’ implies from floor to the top of the toilet seat (bowl elevation + seat elevation). Normally, bathroom seats are about an inch thick. So even a bathroom with a dish height of 16 inches is sold as a ‘Comfort Height’ bathroom since when you add the toilet seat it ends up being a 17-inch toilet. So if you need an 18-inch seat height, you require to get a commode with a dish elevation of 17-inch. An 18-inch bathroom bowl elevation for a 19-inch bathroom seat elevation.

The Comfort height bathrooms are good for tall people or homes with huge high stature. The added elevation also makes it liked by the senior, and also arthritic populace in addition to those with handicaps. The included height makes getting on and off much easier from them.

There are drawbacks for these tall toilets as well. The taller elevation makes them less comfy for children as well as shorter grownups. It’s challenging or unpleasant for them to jump on and off them. It likewise their legs and feet dangle from the toilet without touching the floor. This can cause loss of blood circulation in the legs. Some wellness specialists assert the chair-like stance inhibits all-natural performance. Research study additionally shows taller commodes can increase the possibility of irregular bowel movements as well as they are less efficient in cleansing your bowels.

Nevertheless, over the last few years, Comfort Height toilets have ended up being extra preferred than ‘Standard height’. The ADA act needs openly obtainable bathrooms to be ADA compliant commodes.

They additionally set you back a little less for the very same design than their standard elevation counterparts.

( My blog post top convenience height toilets handles the top versions of comfort elevation bathrooms out there today.).

Deciding on Your Perfect Bathroom Elevation.

It might appear odd, however to find the best height bathroom, I suggest you test it out.

The one that is ideal for your residence relies on the heights of your member of the family, whether anyone has physical needs, as well as the manner in which member of the family transfer to and from the bathroom. An excellent bathroom will certainly depend on the following;.

Elevation of individuals that will be using it.

Physical demands (age, disabilities etc. ).

The way in which you transfer on and off the bathroom.

You will also want to keep in mind;.

The bathroom needs to allow you to sit down as well as stand easily;.

It ought to enable to comfortably rest both your feet level on the floor while seated.

These are the objectives which require to be satisfied when thinking about what should be the elevation of your toilet.

When there are people of different elevations living in your home, it can become challenging to pick a commode elevation. Yet its essential that you pick a toilet elevation which will certainly strike a concession in between the requirements of all the house members.

I notice, lots of people mount the taller Comfort toilets in their master bedrooms and have a basic height toilet for the usual washroom or kids bed room.

Rather than changing your bathroom to suit your height, you likewise have the alternative to make use of some accessories to make your journey to the bathroom a comfy one. These devices include Toilet seat elevation extenders, increased toilet seats, and bathroom rails.

I’m lucky where bathroom heights are concerned. Being, 34-years-old and also just 5 ′ 7 ″ high, I can make use of both typical elevation and convenience elevation commodes effortlessly and also without a problem. Nonetheless, I make use of a standard height commode at my residence as its very easy for my children as well as shorter loved ones and site visitors.