5 Solutions for 16-Inch Rough-In Toilet Replacement

1) Transfer rough-in to 12 inches (Ideal solution preferably).

If you have reasonable accessibility to the commode plumbing this is a great time to repair your rough-in to a basic dimension like 12 or 14 inches. If you can make your rough-in to 12 inches, you’ll have a much easier time of locating a great 12 ″ commode stylishly you like, at a costs you such as. And also if your shower room is tiny, you’ll obtain even more legroom in this manner than setting up the fastest 14 ″ rough-in bathroom on a 16 ″ rough-in. And also if it a tiny shower room (like many old residence baths are) you can install a smaller bathroom as well as save a lot more space.

But this may not constantly be sensible or very easy. There was possibly a factor the toilet flange was readied to 16 ″. Likely there is a flooring joist that avoided the flange from being set at a closer distance. If there’s a floor joist or you have actually got a concrete floor this solution can come to be extremely hard and also pricey to make currently.

2) Set Up TOTO Vespin II Commode with 14 ″ Unifit Adapter.

If transferring the rough-in shows to be unreasonably hard, your second best option is to install a 14-inch rough-in commode. Out of the many models of 14 ″ rough-in bathrooms, the very best choice for a 16 ″ rough-in I have actually located up until now is the Toto Vespin II bathroom with 14-inch Toto UniFit Trapway Adapter.

16 inch bathroom.

Toto Vespin II Two-Piece 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Bathroom.

Toto Vespin II Two-Piece 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Bathroom.
Toto Vespin II Two-Piece 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Bathroom.

Factor top I state this is the most effective choice is because it’s the shortest 14 ″ rough-in commode you can get on the market today. It determines just 28.5 inches long and when installed on a 14 ″ rough-in with the 14 ″ UniFit Trapway adapter is about 29 inches from dish front to wall surface. When set up on a 16-inch rough-in it determines 31 inches from the front of the bowl to the wall. It take say goodbye to space than a typical 12 ″ rough-in commode set up on a 12 ″ rough-in would take.

Reason second: Many other 14 ″ rough-in toilets from American Standard, Kohler etc. are more than 30 inches long. So when you mount them on a 16 ″ rough-in they measure over 32 inches or even more from bowl front to wall surface. So Vespin II provides you a lot more legroom and area saving in front of the bathroom than any other 14 ″ rough-in model.

TOTO UniFit adapter.

14-inch Toto Unifit Trapway adapter.

14-inch Toto Unifit Trapway adapter.
14-inch Toto Unifit Trapway adapter.

Factor number three: When set up on a 16 ″ rough-in, Vespin II has one of the tiniest spaces in between the container and the wall surface. Its void is typically regarding 2 3/4 inches in between container and wall. Various other 14 ″ bathrooms have a similar as well as larger tank-wall space when install on 16 ″.

If the flange drainpipe hole is huge you maybe able to pull the toilet a lot more in the direction of the wall surface and also lower the void as well as length of the Vespin II much more. (Click here to see a picture of a Vespin II set up on a 16-inch rough-in. In this picture, since the flange opening was large, the plumbing professional had the ability to lower the tank-wall space to simply 1 1/4 ″!).

Even if the gap is 2 3/4 ″, it isn’t a lot more than lots of bathrooms with basic rough-ins have. The space has its advantages as well. It will certainly protect against mold and mildew growing on the wall and also tank sweating and leaking concerns. It also makes it very easy to maintain the whole commode clean and good.

This is why if you do a Google look for, “16 inch rough in toilet” you’ll discover a lot of comments and referrals on discussion forums and internet sites by users and also professional plumbing technicians claiming, Vespin II with 14 ″ Unifit Adapter is the most effective option they have used for 16-inch rough-in setups. There are additionally numerous replies and testimonials on (like here and right here) by individuals that had utilized this for longer rough-ins than 14 inches, like 15-inch rough-in and also claim it was specifically terrific for relocating the commode back versus the wall surface.

Likewise keep in mind that most other 14 ″ rough-in commodes are truly 12 ″ rough-in designs with a thicker tank to hide the gap between storage tank as well as wall. They commonly make use of the exact same dish that forecasts onward from the toilet flange. The only bathroom models that in fact readjusts the placement of the entire toilet is a Toto that utilizes the UniFit adapter.

Note: When you purchase a TOTO Vespin II toilet it comes default with a 12-inch Unifit Adapter. To make it a 14 ″ commode you need to buy the 14 ″ Unifit Adapter along with the toilet. The Vespin II is among the few, unique Toto versions that suits the Unifit Adapter system. The Unifit Adapter is an interchangeable component that replaces the reduced half of the trapway, adjusting the toilet to either a 10 ″, 12 ″, or 14 ″ rough-ins.

If you inspect various other 14 inch toilets you will see Toto Vespin is much shorter after that other round bowls, as well as much shorter than the various other extended bowl toilet. With Toto you pay more, but you obtain a better commode, as well as extra useful room in the bathroom.

3) Install a typical 14-Inch Rough-in Toilet.

The next choice for 16 ″ balanced out toilet is to install a regular 14-inch rough-in toilet. 14-inch bathrooms are an excellent choice for 16 rough-ins since they minimize the projection of the toilet right into the space as well as minimize the room behind it. Right here are several of the preferred 14 ″ rough-in bathroom models out there today.

There are two American Standard Cadet 3 versions for 14 ″ roughin. One is the compact Cadet 3 Round Bowl commode which is 30-1/4 ″ long. The various other is the14 ″ harsh Cadet 3 toilet with “extended bowl” which gauges 32-1/4 ″ in size. These 2 are the most effective American Criterion 16 inch rough in options offered for you.

Kohler also has a number of designs of 14 ″ rough-in bathrooms. One is the Kohler Wellworth K-3947-0 14-inch rough-in commode. The Kohler Highline Comfort Height 1.28 GPF Bathroom K-3949-0 is one more 14-inch Rough-In bathroom from them.

But bear in mind most 14 inch rough-in designs are made to fit rough-ins much shorter than 14 inches, like 13.5 and even 13 inch rough-ins. So you may end up with a gap more than 2 inches if you set up a 14 inch without checking just how much gap it will certainly leave.

4) Develop A Short 3 Foot Wall Surface Behind Toilet.

This is a resourceful and also less costly remedy. I heard this from a person that experienced a 16 ″ rough-in when they were replacing an old commode. As opposed to searching for larger rough-in commode, this individual put in a normal 12-inch rough-in commode. After that he constructed a little, 3-inch thick as well as 3 feet high wall surface behind the bathroom that completed the 4-inch space in between the storage tank and the wall surface. He aligned the wall surface top with commode storage tank top as well as it was gorgeous and also harmonic. The wall surface top can also be utilized as ledge shelf. He or she I heard it from finished it with a oak board to match the remainder of his area decor.

5) Install a Over-The-Toilet Storage Closet.

Among the most convenient service for your 16 ″ rough-in concern is to set up or put cabinet/rack above and also behind the toilet. This way you can even mount a 12-inch rough in toilet and utilize the unexpected area you get for something beneficial. There are also several prefabricated over-the-toilet cabinets as well as racks available for sale online.

over toilet storage.

Spirich House Shower Room Rack over the bathroom.

These over-the-toilet storage cabinets and also racks are developed to be put around normal dimension rough-in toilets. In 16 ″ rough-in commodes they are ideal to hide the added gap between the storage tank as well as the wall surface.

Over-toilet storage space remedies are coming to be preferred due to their comfort and space saving capability in small restrooms. They vary from really cheap racks to over-toilet-shelves and also beautiful intricate cabinets.