Toto Neorest NX Review – New Toto Washlet Bidet Toilet

The Toto Neorest NX is most likely the world’s most gorgeous and intelligent commode. It is also one of one of the most pricey commodes worldwide. A high-end front runner product, the Neorest NX belongs to Toto’s ‘Neorest’ Washlet bidet+ toilet series which integrates the features of both a toilet and also bidet right into one seamlessly incorporated unit that supplies unequaled convenience as well as high-end. That’s why the Toto Neorest collection commodes are very expensive but still liked by thousands of consumers worldwide.

The Toto Neorest NX was released in 2017 in Toto’s home turf Japan, targeting affluent individuals as well as resorts across the globe. With a substantial price tag, it is one of the most costly Toto commode to-date.

Toto Neorest NX
Toto Neorest NX

Toto Neorest Designs Comparsion Chart

Here is a comparison of the Toto Neorest NX Washlet with the other Toto Neorest Washlet Designs presently in the marketplace.

ProductNameSpecial FeaturesDimensionsWater ConsumedPrice

Toto Neorest toiletToto Neorest NXHeated Seat, Tornado flush, Automobile flush, Auto open/close cover, Deodorizer, Evening light, air abundant water spray, Self-cleaning wand, Flexible water spray, Warm water, Cozy strike dryer, remote

31.5( L) x 18.4( W) x 22.25( H) inches

0.87/ 1.0 GPF

Unavailable in U.S.A. “

Toto Neorest 700Toto Neorest 700HHeated Seat, Double Cyclone flushing, Flexible water spray, Warm water, Cozy blow dryer, Self-cleaning (to a factor), Vehicle open/cloase lid, Automobile flush, Night light, Remote control32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5 inches0.8/ 1.0 GPF

TOTO Neorest 5503-mode washlet (front, rear, soft), heated seat, automated lid, auto flush, disinfected water supply, cyclone flush, pre-mist damps dish, remote, nightlight35 x 23 x 38 inches0.8/ 1.0 GPF

Toto G500 washletTOTO Washlet G500 with Integrated ToiletFront & Rear warm water washing, Pressure, temperature controls, Automated lid, Automobile flush, Cozy air clothes dryer, Air Deodorizer, Remote operation28.5 x 11.8 x 25.2 inches0.9/ 1.28 GPF

Toto Neorest NX Testimonial

Lets have a take a look at this most current Toto premium toilet in this Toto Neorest NX testimonial.

What I like most concerning the Neorest NX is its design. The brand-new Neorest NX includes an extra curvy incorporated toilet seat cover as well as bowl. It’s an obtained a physical appeal like a curved luxury cars. That’s something its predecessors the Toto Neorest 750H, 700H or perhaps 550H didn’t have. The simpler bowl rim is also said to allow a cleaner washlet.

With its brand-new borderless form the Neorest Nx is not just looking excellent but it is also designed to use less water for flushing. It comes with Toto’s cutting-edge Tornado flushing system which permits it to be extremely clean.

Toto intends to market this top design in China and also other Asian nations first and then in the United States following summer season 2018. According to the Japanese Times, Toto has actually until now offered virtually 190,000 Neorest collection bathrooms in the business year 2016-2017, with a 30 percent of sales outside Japan. The company is wishing to enhance annual sales to 220,000 systems by 2020.