Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Toilet Review

Layout & Building and construction

The KOHLER Highline Classic Pressure Lite is produced making use of high quality ceramic. It is built as a traditional commode with swimsuits. The model measurements are 31.13 L x 21.25 W x 31.25 H inches.

Kohler highline
Kohler highline

The floor place bowl base has a great elongated shape that supplies added space and convenience. Yet the extended bowl is also longer, which additionally raises the complete size of the bathroom (from back wall to external edge of commode). This is something you need to consider if you are mosting likely to utilize it in a small area.

The unqiuely shaped storage tank features its unique integrated pressure-assisted flushing system. The effective flush journey liver is placed in the left side rather than ideal side as in a lot of versions. The rough in is a conventional 12 inch from the back.

This design’s design looks good as well as is complementary stylishly. So it will certainly fit in a variety of washroom decor and also can blend with other bath fixtures and designs. Kohler understands exactly how vital it is to match the commode to your restroom’s primary design and color. So they have made this bathroom available in four different shades including white, black, biscuit and also almond.

Seat Elevation

The Comfort Elevation elongated bowl offers a chair-height seats degree. It is about 2 inches taller than typical height designs. This makes taking a seat and standing more much easier for a lot of adults. High and also the senior individuals will appreciate this feature quite. Even an ordinary elevation person will certainly feel extra comfortable yet younger, small kids could discover it a little high.

Flushing System

This toilet has a different flushing system than many bathrooms you locate in the marketplace. Most commodes in the marketplace are gravity-flush toilets. When you flush them, the water in the container is launched and streams down by gravity into the dish. This model’s tank has a Stress Assisted flushing system. So its a stress bathroom meaning it makes use of an air pressure technology along with water when flushing. The pressurized air and water is released when you flush it. That gives you an incredibly effective flush than various other regular toilets.

This stress flushing permits this Highline toilet to offer an exceptionally effective flush while using only the government typical price of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

Nevertheless when the pressurized water and also air is released from the storage tank it can be a tad loud. It’s stated to flush like its angry, a fairly loud but quick unexpected release of hurrying water, and after that it’s over. This is the major discouraging variable found in this version.


The pressure aided flushing style of this KOHLER Highline Standard commode is extremely effective as well as the efficiency is outstanding. When flushing the added powerful water spurts with the bathroom bowl and down the drain pipe with a big “Whoosh!” noise totally carrying away any kind of waste, bathroom tissue and anything else in the bowl. It entirely cleans the bathroom bowl really efficiently in one flush, using just 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

The flushing capacity of this design will be an alleviation for those of dealing with needing to connect the bathroom often or have youngsters filling the bathroom with tiny toys and also things.

While the pressed air, enhance its flushing efficiency, its a function you’ll both see and listen to. The flushing is a tad loud for minority seconds it last. It can be listened to outside the bathroom with its big “WHOOOOSH!” audio. With its power it possibly even cleaning up the walls of the pipelines with each flush.

Nevertheless many claim they have actually got utilized to the loud flush as well as do not find it a big deal after the very first few times. They more than happy with waste not ever coming back up or otherwise completely decreasing the very first time you have actually purged. With this model there will likewise not be the need to wait and see whether the bathroom is purged correctly the very first time or needing to utilize the bettor once in a while.


The pressure flush system on this design utilizes 1.6 gallons of water on every flush. The container refills failrly rapidly, though you would never require a dual flush with this model. But the 1.6 GPF flush price may be a little disheartening compared to other designs that have lower water usage prices on them.


The Kohler Highline Stress Lite uses the conventional 12 inch rough in for the drain. It comes with some guidelines however installment similar to other conventional commodes and needs only fundamental pipes skills and also tools. Any kind of prior experience hereof will assist you greatly.

This version doesn’t come with a seat or wax ring, so you will certainly need to purchase them independently. You could additionally require bolts and a supply line in case your old ones are not recyclable.

Maintenance & Cleaning

As a result of its added powerful flush this version can be stated to be a reduced upkeep toilet. You will not require to clean it as often as various other models. Cleaning instruction are beautiful criterion like any other Kohler model. For best outcomes Kohler utilizing a good cleansing service and also testing it unnoticeable location before putting on the entire surface. rinse totally with water instantly after using cleaner. Use a soft, dampened sponge or fabric and never make use of any rough product such as a brush or searching pad to clean as it might harm the surfaces.


The warranty is a Kohler 1 year restricted guarantee. When toilets are one the most heavily made use of items in your house, an one-year warranty frequently does not appear like a sufficient bargain. However however one year warranty are quite common for model from the most effective toilet brand names like Kohler for toilets in the mid range and below price groups. The best point you can do is pick a brand you can rely on as well as check client reviews and also make certain that existing clients are happy with the item and also level of service that they have obtained.


Altogether, the Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Standard Pressure Lite Convenience Elevation Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet is a deserving version with an exceptional flushing efficiency. American developed excellent quality branded toilet also enjoy the taller comfort height of the seat, the comfy extended dish layout as well as a complete satisfaction of setting up a high quality branded bathroom. But the louder flush sound from its unique stress flush system might not suit all areas and places. Overal I can recommend this bathroom as a really powerful as well as very ranked top quality version available at a mid-range price.