10 Best Bathtub Surrounds – Tub Surround Reviews

The Best Tub Border

1. Swanstone Tub Wall Package (Our Leading Select).

Swanstone Tub Wall Surface Set.

Swanstone Tub Wall Surface Set.
Swanstone Tub Wall Surface Set.

This bathtub wall kit features one back panel with a molded-in soap meal and two edge panels with molded-in racks. This offers you somewhere to store all your necessary bathroom time items on each of the 3 wall surface areas.

It is designed for areas between 29″ and also 32″ extensive, between 53″ and also 60″ in size and also 59 1/2″ in elevation– as long as your wall room is within these measurements, it can quickly be reduced to dimension, making setup very easy. A setup package is additionally included with the bathtub surround.

It is made of Veritek and is made to look as close as feasible to genuine floor tiles. Nevertheless, it has the advantage over genuine ceramic tiles in that there is no surface area coating that can be damaged or that can break.

Furthermore, it is totally immune to mold and mildew and mildew, indicating it is a really low-maintenance material.

What we such as most about this item is that it provides you the best combination of an outstanding visual impact while additionally being extremely resilient.

This is a solid wall surface set that is much more sturdy than several comparable versions that sell at a similar price factor.

On the whole, this is an appealing tub border that is simple to set up and also must last for many years. It likewise provides you fantastic value, so if you appreciate top quality as well as likewise superb value, this is a choice that must be of passion.

2. Maax Bathtub Wall Surface Kit (Budget Select).

Maax Tub Wall Surface Kit.

Maax Tub Wall Surface Kit.
Maax Tub Wall Surface Kit.

This is a five-piece bathtub wall kit that includes and back wall surface section, 2 side sections as well as 2 edge racks. When mounted, there are six shelves in all, giving you lots of storage area to keep whatever you require for bath time close at hand.

It is developed to fit areas with dimensions of in between 48″ and 60″ in size, 31″ in width and 59″ in height. It is easy to set up, and anyone that is even a little convenient will be able to reduce and fit this without the need to employ a professional.

When set up, it has a fashionable look with a textured white matte coating. It additionally includes a 1 year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

On the drawback, this is not a premium item– this is a tub surround focused on those who do not wish to invest greater than they require to.

This suggests the wall surfaces are thin as well as it may obtain dented or nicked if you do not care for it. Some individuals may also locate that it looks a little cheap– it absolutely does not have the high-quality look you can anticipate when you spend even more cash.

However, if you accept it of what it is– a budget-friendly bath tub border that won’t spend a lot– after that it’s a fantastic worth item that most individuals will enjoy with.

3. Durawall Thermoplastic Bath Tub Wall Kit.

Durawall Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall Set.

Durawall Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall Set.
Durawall Thermoplastic Bathtub Wall Set.

This polycarbonate bathtub wall surface package is developed to fit regular bath tubs of 30″ x 60″ or 32″ x 60″ and also has maximum dimensions of 42″ x 72″.

It is a five-piece collection and includes seamless corner panels with overlapping sides for best waterproofing as well as added longevity– this wall surface surround is totally leak-proof, indicating as soon as it is installed, you should not have any kind of issues with it.

It includes molded-in self-draining shelves that are excellent for saving shampoo containers, conditioner, soap or any other showering items.

It likewise features an appealing glossy finish that is resistant to scuffs, mold and also mildew. The material is easy to tidy and will certainly appear like the day it was set up for many years ahead– this is a wall surface package that will certainly offer your restroom a stylish as well as striking aesthetic effect.

It is likewise really simple to reduce to size as well as set up. Many individuals will certainly be able to do it themselves without the assistance of a professional, aiding you conserve some extra cash.

Altogether, this product has all the qualities you search for in a bath tub surround. It is difficult and also long lasting, it will certainly improve the total look of your restroom, it is easy to set up, as well as it sells at an affordable cost point for the top quality. An additional recommended choice.

4. American Requirement Bath Tub Wall Establish.

American Criterion Bath Tub Wall Establish.

American Criterion Bath Tub Wall Establish.
American Criterion Bath Tub Wall Establish.

This visually-appealing bath tub wall established from reputable business American Requirement determines 60″ x 32″ x 58″ and also is optimal for tubs of around 18″ in elevation. It is designed for usage with American Standard bathtubs yet can additionally be used with tubs from various other brand names.

The panels are made from high-gloss acrylic that is developed to look fantastic while likewise giving you a high degree of durability– this is a wall set that is developed to last.

The interlocking tongue as well as groove system also protects against any type of water seepage, guaranteeing you will not have any troubles after setup is complete.

The layout features 6 big shelves, three on either side, offering you a lot of storage area to keep any type of bathroom time products you utilize. Nonetheless, the center of the wall surface panel is left clear, offering you more simplicity of motion while you are in the tub.

What we such as most around this set is the aesthetic appeals. It features a minimalist, minimalist style that will include a touch of sophistication to your shower room.

It’s likewise really easy to set up. It includes an user’s manual as well as sets up directly onto the studs.

The only genuine disadvantage right here is the price considering that this is among the a lot more expensive alternatives. Nonetheless, you need to expect to pay more for top quality items, and also we still feel this bathtub surround stands for exceptional worth for money.

If you are seeking a stylish and also elegant surround and also don’t mind paying a little additional for a remarkable product, this is an option that must be high on your listing of possibilities.

5. Sterling Plumbing Bath Tub Wall Surface Surround.

Sterling Pipes Tub Wall Surround.

Sterling Pipes Tub Wall Surround.
Sterling Pipes Tub Wall Surround.

This visually-appealing tub wall surface established from trustworthy company American Standard measures 60″ x 32″ x 58″ and is excellent for tubs of around 18″ in elevation. It is made for use with American Criterion tubs however can likewise be utilized with tubs from other brand names.

The panels are constructed from high-gloss polymer that is developed to look terrific while also providing you a high degree of resilience– this is a wall surface set that is built to last.

The interlocking tongue and groove system additionally avoids any water seepage, guaranteeing you will not have any type of troubles after setup is complete.

The style includes six large racks, three on either side, providing you plenty of storage space to maintain any kind of bath time items you use. However, the facility of the wall panel is left clear, offering you more convenience of activity while you are in the bathtub.

What we such as most around this set is the looks. It includes a minimalist, minimal style that will include a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

It’s likewise extremely simple to set up. It comes with an instruction manual and also sets up straight onto the studs.

The only real disadvantage below is the rate considering that this is one of the more pricey alternatives. Nevertheless, you have to expect to pay more for premium products, and we still feel this tub border represents superb worth for money.

If you are seeking a sophisticated and also fashionable border as well as do not mind paying a little extra for a superior product, this is a choice that ought to be high up on your list of possibilities.

6. STERLING Bath and Shower Package (Update Select).

STERLING Bath and also Shower Kit.

STERLING Bath and also Shower Kit.
STERLING Bath and also Shower Kit.

This is another bath tub surround from Sterling Plumbing, this time with a little narrower measurements making it better for smaller sized rooms. It has measurements of 60″ x 32″ x 74″.

It shares a lot of the same qualities that make the tub surround we just looked at over such an excellent choice.

It is constructed from Vikrell, implying it is strong and also long lasting however additionally attractive to consider. It is very easy to clean, guaranteeing it will stay in ideal condition for longer while at the same time lowering the time you’ll require to invest in maintenance.

It additionally has the very same high-gloss smooth as well as shiny coating that will certainly give your shower room an elegant as well as striking look.

The main distinction remains in the style. We would define this as a modern however a lot more classic design of suround.

We like the gentle curves of the layout along with the adequate as well as practical storage room provided by the racks. This border will provide you lots of choices for maintaining your bath time products organized as well as tidy.

This is another top notch product, and in the end, it’s merely a question of personal preference. If you value this kind of look, this is another bathtub border that ought to deserve thinking about.

7. DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Set.

DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit.

DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit.
DreamLine QWALL-Tub Backwall Kit.

This tub backwall set from Dreamline procedures 32″ deep x 59 1/2″ broad x 60″ high– nevertheless, it can be lowered to 28″ deep x 56″ large, making it compatible with a range of bathtubs as well as suitable for the majority of installments. It will certainly fit with the majority of rectangular tubs.

It is constructed from white acrylic and also ABS, making it simple to tidy and preserve. It likewise includes an eye-catching and modern tile-like pattern, making it an excellent option if you are searching for a less costly option to actual tiles.

It is very easy enough to mount and also will give your bathroom a classy and also attractive appearance. We especially like both glass racks that are consisted of– they give this border an additional touch of style and beauty that can be missing out on with some other molded-in rack designs.

One more positive is that this item features a 1 year warranty, implying you will not need to stress over anything failing after setup is complete.

On the downside, the walls appear slightly flimsy– this is perhaps not the most resilient choice we’ve seen. However, this is only a minor issue because it should stay in fantastic condition for a long time as long as you look after it correctly.

Altogether, this is an aesthetically appealing as well as functional tub border that will enhance the total aesthetic result of your bathroom. Again, it comes down to individual choice, however if you such as this design, this is an option that should get on your radar.

8. ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall.

ASB 39240 Vantage Bathtub Wall.

ASB 39240 Vantage Bathtub Wall.
ASB 39240 Vantage Bathtub Wall.

If you are looking for an affordable bathtub wall surround at the most affordable end of the rate range, this item could be of rate of interest. It has maximum measurements of 60″ large x 31″ deep yet can be minimized to a minimum of 49″ large x 28″ deep, as needed.

It is made of high-impact polystyrene for additional toughness and also includes a hefty scale durable style. It also flaunts overlapping corners that are developed to give a watertight seal and also stop any kind of leaks from occurring.

There is lots of storage area, with six racks and two towel bars– this will certainly enable you to maintain every little thing you need for bath time well arranged and also clean.

We also such as the visual result it produces– this tub border will provide your restroom a tidy, modern appearance.

As we pointed out, this is created as an affordable choice– nonetheless, as you obtain what you pay for, you shouldn’t expect anything of remarkable high quality.

This is a functional border that represents excellent value for money, but if you want a top-end product, you will need to prepare to pay a little bit much more.

Nevertheless, for any individual that is wanting to make improvements in their bathroom without shedding a hole in their pocket, this would certainly be an outstanding option– and also if that sounds like what you’re trying to find, this is one more advised option.

9. Delta 39984 Bathtub Wall Set.

Delta 39984 Tub Wall Establish.

Delta 39984 Tub Wall Establish.
Delta 39984 Tub Wall Establish.

This tub wall established from Delta has minimum measurements of 49″ vast x 28″ deep and also optimal dimensions of 60″ vast x 31″ deep. It is simple to fit using easy-up glue installation– you just need to carefully reduce the holes for the bathroom and shower components.

It is a fairly cost-effective choice and also includes a fantastic aesthetic element to your bathroom. It is additionally easy to keep clean, suggesting you will be able to spend less time on upkeep.

It is a five-piece set that features 6 shelves, enabling you to maintain all your toiletries clean and also in order. It’s additionally made in the UNITED STATES, something that could be vital to individuals who like to get locally made products.

Once again, this is made as an affordable option rather than a top-end item. As long as you comprehend that, you should be pleased with the quality– although if you prefer something of higher quality, you will certainly be far better off looking in other places.

One more reasonably-priced bathtub border that is simple to mount and looks great. If that’s what you require, this model is definitely worth exploring further.

10. Kinro Composites Tub Surround.

Kinro Composites Bathtub Surround.

Kinro Composites Bathtub Surround.
Kinro Composites Bathtub Surround.

If you favor the convenience and simplicity of installation of a one-piece bathtub border, this could be a choice that deserves a look.

It gauges 27″ x 54″ as well as is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polycarbonate, making it a challenging and also resilient yet attractive and also low-maintenance surround. It is easy to clean and also can be maintained resembling new with a minimum of initiative.

Setup is as very easy as you can wish. The pack includes corner caps, and the manufacturer suggests you fix it in place with Sta’- Place spray-on adhesive– nothing could be easier.

Because it is a one-piece border, you don’t need to worry about suitable the pieces together. The only job you will certainly need to do is cutting it down to size as a result of the certain demands of your shower room.

Again, this is developed as a budget-friendly bathroom option rather than a premium one, however if that’s what you are looking for, this could be worth an appearance.

A strong option if you are trying to find something affordable, straightforward and reliable to improve the look of your washroom while additionally making it very easy to clean. If that’s what you require, then this is an additional advised product.

Purchaser’s Overview.

Purchaser's Overview
Best Tub Surround.

Best Tub Surround.

If you are thinking of buying a tub surround for your bathroom, you are most likely questioning the vital variables to consider when picking. Allow’s consider that currently.

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Size– optimum and also minimum.

The first thing you need to think about is the size of your bath tub and also the wall surfaces where you wish to install the border. A lot of borders featured a stated maximum as well as minimum size and also it’s then simply a situation of cutting the panels to fit your shower room.

However, prior to purchasing a bath tub border, you require to examine that the stated measurements make it suitable with your washroom. It will certainly be no good if you just find that you have the wrong size after you get it home– so measurement carefully prior to acquiring.


An additional important consideration is the product the surround is made from. Several products can be utilized, consisting of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABDOMINAL MUSCLE) polycarbonate, acrylic or others.

The product impacts the sturdiness of the border. If you just require a short-term service, you can pick a less costly material– however if you hope for something that will certainly last for more than just a couple of years, you will certainly have to prepare to pay more for something of better.

Ease of maintenance.

Ease of maintenance
Tub Surround.

Tub Surround.

Also related to the product a border is made of is the ease of upkeep.

Among the advantages of installing a tub surround is that it makes it simpler to maintain your restroom looking tidy as well as shimmering. Because of this, you need to choose a border that is simple to clean which will certainly maintain its “simply fitted” search for longer.

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Racks as well as storage space.

One more vital point to see is the number of racks and also various other storage space areas a border gives you. Part of the factor you will certainly want to mount a border is that it offers you somewhere to maintain you bottles as well as various other toiletries conveniently organized.

If you have a big family or otherwise often tend to have lots of toiletries in the washroom, picking a border with extra shelf room would appear practical.

Various other options can include points like bars for storing towels and so on. Don’t neglect to check this out if you assume it is essential for you and also your household.

Relieve of setup.

Will you have the ability to install the surround yourself or will you require to pay a professional to do it? If you intend to install it without help, ensure you choose a surround that is within your capabilities.


A tub border may be a functional consideration– it will assist maintain your restroom clean and also will certainly likewise give you someplace to keep your toiletries and various other bathroom time products– but that doesn’t imply you ought to forget about aesthetic appeals.

Remember, you will probably be making use of the very same washroom with the exact same bathtub surround for several years to find– so make sure you select one that matches the design of your bathroom– as well as one that you actually like!