Average Toilet Weight Limit: How Much Weight Can A Toilet Hold?

Just how much weight can a toilet hold? The average bathroom weight limitation is around 1000 pounds (453 kg) for regular basic bathrooms and 500 pounds (227 kg) for wall surface hung toilets.

There are no Federal government requirements or guidelines that specify a minimum or maximum weight limit for common bathrooms. For wall surface hung commodes ASME Criterion needs them to support at least 500 extra pounds.

Yet a lot of typical toilets can sustain a greater weight capacity than 1000 extra pounds, because the Porcelain materiel they are constructed from is very strong and also extremely inflexible. This is calming information for us, due to the fact that a malfunctioning commode can be a horrible, dreadful point. Thankfully any typical Vitreous China bathroom (what we call porcelain) can birth much more weight than the heaviest individual on earth.

Yet I have to claim, even though I have remained in the commode advertising and marketing field for years currently, I have actually never seen any kind of bathroom design or manufacture mention it’s weight limitation or capacity. Even on the Internet details is scarce regarding toilet weight limits. So, I needed to do a great deal of investigating to discover the details I’m showing you here about toilet weight restrictions.

Is The Average Bathroom Weight Limit Adequate?

As a whole, the typical American man evaluates around 196 pounds and the typical American female weighs around 166 pounds. Also badly overweight or Bariatric weight range people seldom exceed 400 or 450 extra pounds. So also the 500 extra pound wall installed commode weight limitation is greater than ample for normal household use. Consequently, basic commode weight limitation of 1000 pounds is greater than ample for any kind of eventuality you might deal with.

Weight Limitations of Popular Toilets Brands

I searched for weight limit information for preferred commodes brands like Toto, Kohler as well as American Standard commodes. It showed to be a very uphill struggle, since these commode manufacturers do not break down these information regarding just how much weight their toilets can hold. But I wanted to find some solid answers regarding the ordinary commode weight capability of the very best bathroom brands and also models and below is what I can discover about them.

KOHLER Commode Weight Limit

A remote web page on the Kohler site supplied the only reference to bathroom weight bearing ability I could find concerning any type of prominent bathroom brands. According this only file from Kohler, their typical flooring bathrooms are capable of enduring an upright force of approximately 1000 pounds. That’s more than the weight of the heaviest guy in documented background. So, if you are worried you or your visitors could unintentionally damage a toilet dish while using it, you can relax very easy by obtaining among the leading rated Kohler toilets.

TOTO as well as American Standard Toilets Weight Purviews

Regardless of my best shots, I couldn’t locate any type of recommendation or reference of toilet weight restriction from these ideal bathroom brand names as well as designs. There was not a solitary reference or referral to weight tons from Toto, American Criterion or any other well-known commode brands with the exception of several of their wall surface hung commode models.

However, I discovered lots of Toto as well as American Requirement commode evaluations and talk about different Web Forums and on Online shops like from people evaluating 250, 300 pounds as well as more. They were all thankful as well as suggesting these top brands for bearing their weight well.

Wall Surface Hung Toilet Weight Limit

Wall hung bathrooms have a lower average weight limit than regular standard bathrooms. The typical wall surface hung toilet weight restriction is only around 500 extra pounds. Yet some models like Toto Aquia wall commode have higher weight limitation like 880 pounds if made use of with the strong Toto wall surface bathroom service provider frame.

Wall hung bathrooms also have a 500 extra pounds minimum weight restriction need established by the ASME standard (ASME A112.19.2-2005/ CSA B4 5.1-05 National Consensus Specifications for Vitreous China Pipes Fixtures.).

So usually wall installed bathrooms can support just around half the weight capacity of a regular flooring placed commode. This is since the weight limit on wall hung bathrooms depends upon the toughness of the wall service provider framework that supports the bathroom and how firmly its attached the flooring as well as wall.

Can You Break A Toilet By Sitting On It?

One point I observed during my research study was, I didn’t find any kind of mention of a toilet ever before breaking under the weight of anyone. When I was investigating I anticipated to find numerous horror stories about bathrooms fracturing and also harming individuals. Nonetheless, there were several points out of toilets tottering or bathroom floor screws ending up being loosened or bathroom seats breaking. Happily not a single report regarding somebody damaging a porcelain commode with their weight.

I believe sturdiness of modern-day toilets is mainly as a result of what bathrooms are made of, some type of treated Porcelain or Glasslike China clay. This bathroom making material appear to do a wonderful job in holding us safely while helping us ease.

Why Do Toilet Brands Not Reference Weight Purviews?

It is very unusual, there is a lot lack of details on toilet weight limits. With a growing number of obesity level in the nation you might believe otherwise.

Nowadays, commode advertising and marketing materials as well as specification sheets discuss almost every little feature and benefit of their bathroom versions. I assume when no one else discusses their commode designs weight restriction, discussing your bathrooms weight bearing ability would be an excellent advertising and marketing advantage.

With a progressively obese as well as weight aware populace, wouldn’t it be large advertising and marketing benefit for a toilet producer if they state, just how much weight can the regular commode dish take, with an advertisement like, “XX design, supports more than 1000 pounds” etc.?

Just how much weight can a Commode Seat hold?

An additional relevant concern to toilet weight limit is about the weight limit of bathrooms seats. Do bathroom seats have a weight limitation? Yes, they do have a weight restriction though its frequently not pointed out much like the weight limitation for bathrooms.

The average toilet seat weight ability is only regarding 300 pounds. That’s why most typical commode seats break or damage soon. Many typical commode seats aren’t built to hold up against also a bit of wriggling also by typical weight customers. So no wonder when heavy users make use of a typical commode seat, you typically discover them break, creek and also whine. That’s why special strong seats such as this Bariatric Commode Seat, 800 pound. Ability sold on Amazon are popular.

When I moved to my brand-new home in 2014, I found a good regular commode seat on the hall toilet with a little split between. Every single time I sat on it and stood up, it used to pinch my back! I found out the previous inhabitants grandson evaluated around 300 extra pounds as well as utilized this commode.

So if someone heavy is most likely to use your bathroom, I extremely recommend getting heavy-duty commode seats like the above than a regular commode seat. They are pricey yet over time you will be saving time and money as well as will not become sick of replacing your commode seat.