2 Top 18 Inch High Toilets with 18 Inch Toilet Bowl Height

When I searched Google for ’18 inch high commodes’ or ’18 inch bathroom dish elevation’ I found numerous coordinating search results page. Yet when I examined those search result pages, the toilet designs they had were 16.5 ″ or 17 inch high commodes that could be made into 18 inch high commodes with a thick elevated commode seat or some other trick.

So I tried to find one and also lastly after much research found just one toilet design that can be called a 18 inch high bathroom with an 18 inch high commode dish. I ‘d like to share my findings with you right here. Below are the information regarding that bathroom version.

Compare 18 Inch Commode with Various Other 17-19 Inch High Toilets

Right here is a comparison of both 18, 19 inches high commodes I located in addition to two even more most prominent tall bathrooms among the 17-19 inch high ADA toilet variety.

18 inch bathroom

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Standard Stress Lite Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 GPF Bathroom

Seat Elevation:

18.25/ 18.5 inches (relies on seat used).

Bowl Height:

17.12 inches.

Water Usage:

1.6 GPF.






29.5″ long x 21.1″ large x 31.25″ tall.

19 inch commode.

Trademark Equipment 413995 Stalnaker Bathroom.

Seat Elevation: 19 inches.

Dish Height: 18-1/4″ inches.

Water Intake: 1.6 GPF.

Shape: Lengthened.

Rough-in: 12-inch.

Dimension: 17.5″ long x 28.5″ wide x 33.25″ tall.

20 inch toilet.

Practical Elevation 20 inch Additional Tall Bathroom.

Seat Elevation: 21 inches.

Dish Elevation: 20 inches.

Water Usage: 0.9/ 1.6 GPF.

Shape: Elongated.

Rough-in: 12-inch.

Measurement: 27″ long x 15″ vast x 36″ high.

17 inch toilet.

TOTO CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Ada Bathroom.

Seat Elevation: 17.5 inches (depends on seat).

Bowl Elevation: 16.5 inches.

Water Usage: 1.6 GPF.

Forming: Lengthened.

Rough-in: 12-inch.

Dimension: 28″ long x 19.5″ wide x 30.5″ high.

18 Inch High Trademark Equipment Stalnaker Bathroom.

The only bathroom I found that actually has a 18 inches high bowl height level is the Signature Equipment 413995 Stalnaker Elongated Two-piece bathroom. (Below is the link to its sales web page where you can check it out as well as order currently.).

Lets have a consider this commodes attributes as well as information.

18 ″ High Stalnaker Bathroom Attributes and Details.

Dish Forming: Extended.

Rough In: 12 ″.

Deepness: 28-1/2 ″.

Width: 17-1/2 ″.

Height: 33-1/4 ″.

Bowl Height: 18-1/4 ″.

Features: ADA Certified.

Gallons Per Flush: 1.6.

Product Complete: White.

Material: Porcelain.

Hardware Finish: Chrome.

Seat Consisted Of: Yes.

The cost of this bathroom is also extremely practical. Considering its distinct feature of 18 inch high commode bowl edge I assume lots of people would have gotten this bathroom even if it was double its price. Specifically thinking about there are great deal of individuals wanting to purchase 18 inch toilets. And only couple of other commode versions that can be made right into a 18 inch high bathroom despite having a method like an extra-high raised seat.

It’s additionally great that it features a seat consisted of. Usually with most bathrooms these days you need to get a commode seat individually which cost additional to you.

KOHLER 18 Inch Bathroom.

While checking into 18 ″ toilets I saw many mentions of Kohler 18 inch bathroom however I could not discover any type of Kohler commode with a 18 inch high toilet dish. However I found a Kohler commode model that has a 17 1/8 ″ inch high dish rim height. Depending on the commode seat you use, its elevation with seat increases to between 18 to 18 1/2 inches. Below is that commode.

17 1/8 ″ Dish Elevation Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Stress Lite Convenience Height Elongated 1.6 gpf Commode (link to web page).

Recommended Kohler Commode Seats for this 17 ″ high bowl Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic toilet are revealed listed below.

K-4636 Prestige ® Quiet-Close ™ Elongated Commode Seat– Seat Height/Thickness 1 1/8 ″ inches (Look at

K-5588 Purefresh ® Elongated Commode Seat– Seat Height/Thickness 1 3/8 ″ inches (Examine Amazon).

K-4108 C3 ® -230 Elongated Cleansing Bathroom Seat– Seat Height/Thickness 1 3/8 ″ inches (Look at