Best 11-Inch Rough-In Toilet Models And Options

1) Make Use Of 12-Inch Rough-in Bathrooms for 11-Inch Rough-In

So far, I have actually come across 4 great 12-inch rough-in commode designs that can be installed on a 11-inch rough-in.

These models have a larger than typical space in between the storage tank and the wall which allow them to fit 11 ″ roughs. Three of them are Toto Drake series versions as well as the 4th model is a American Criterion Cadet collection model.

I saw most people prefer setting up a 12 ″ commode for 11 ″ rough-in circumstance, than using a 10 ″ toilet. So I’ll share great deal of details here concerning the 12 ″ commodes, along with possible concerns you require to be familiar with. The 4 12 ″ commode models I point out right here are additionally good to utilize as 11.25 inch rough-in toilets or 11.5 inch rough-in toilets.

I) TOTO Drake Elongated Commode CST744E (1.6 GPF).

The first as well as most ideal 12 ″ toilet for 11 ″ roughin is the TOTO Drake Elongated toilet (check rate on It’s a preferred 12 ″ design as well as has been marketing like hot cakes on on-line stores for decades. Thankfully for us, it can be set up in rough-in sizes as short as 10-7/8 inches.

Below is its spec sheet which shows when mounted on a 12 inch rough-in, it has a 1 3/8 inch clearance at the base and also 1 inch clearance at tank degree from the wall. It was additionally verified by comments and also evaluation on its Amazon sales web page right here as well as below which confirmed it just fits 11 ″ roughin. So you can get this one without concern as a 11 inch harsh bathroom.

If the drainpipe hole is large you can even draw the bolts onward, maybe get it to fit also a 10 3/4 inch rough in. This is generally the recommended option by skilled plumbers for 11 inch rough in settings. I prefer this Toto Drake for its larger clearance than various other bathrooms discussed right here. As well as you won’t go wrong with its efficiency and also high quality construction.

II) TOTO Drake ADA-Height Elongated Toilet CST744SL (1.6 GPF).

The next best for 11 ″ rough is the TOTO Drake ADA-Height Elongated Bathroom CST744SL ( web link). This has a taller comfort degree seat so its favored by taller individuals as well as elderly. As for its rough in size, its spec sheet right here reveals it has a void of 1 1/8 inch (27mm) when set up on a precisely 12 ″ rough in. This is better verified by this reply by TOTO UNITED STATES its Amazon web page Q&An area which says it may fit 11 ″ rough in, yet it will certainly be a close call. I found numerous even more confirmation discuss other Internet forums left by customers and plumbing professionals that claim they have actually mounted this Drake CST744SL on 11 ″ rough-ins.

III) American Criterion Cadet 3 Hidden Trapway Toilet (1.28 GPF).

Below is the only American Requirement bathroom I discovered that fits a 11 ″ rough-in. It’s the 12 ″ rough-in American Conventional Cadet 3 Hidden Trapway Right Elevation bathroom 2988.101.020 (Check Amazon). According to its specification sheet, it has a 4 ″ clearance at the base as well as 1 1/8 ″ at the top, which enables you to install it on a 11 ″ harsh. Both a seller and purchaser in this Amazon Q&A replies validate it can be set up in a 11 ″ rough-in but it will certainly be a limited fit.

I also discovered it’s more often referred to and utilized by those seeking 11 ″ commodes. I assume the factor is due to the fact that it not only is a good reduced water usable (1.28 GPF) toilet but also has a wonderful skirted design that makes it aesthetically much more pleasing to the eye. Due to the fact that it’s also much more commonly offered than Toto its a better known 11 ″ bathroom model.

It is preferred as a 12 ″ bathroom and sold a lot because of its hidden skirted design, so the pipes at the base aren’t visible. Efficiency is additionally tolerable. The bathroom is 28.2 inches long and also comes with a taller as well as comfortable Right Height seat level. It has lower water usage price of 1.28 GPF which is good for saving water. It’s additionally a round front commode which conserves space than many other American Criterion toilet versions.

IV) TOTO Eco Drake commode (1.28 GPF).

And below is the final 12 ″ toilet I found that fits eleven inch rough in. The TOTO Eco Drake CST744E with 1.28 GPF (web link to Amazon sales web page). It is a high effectiveness commode with a lower water consumption rate. It utilizes simply 1.28 Gallons of water rather than the typical 1.6 gallons which causes conserving of countless gallons of water for you annually. So its very Eco-friendly, therefore the name Eco Drake. It is also really comfortable toilet with an extended as well as taller ADA seat and also comes in 5 shades. Nonetheless, this version is not as prominent as the previous Drakes we went over above.

This Eco Drake requirements sheet shows it has a clearance of 1 3/8 inch at the base and 1 inch at the storage tank degree. There were some remarks in forums as well as other web sites that stated they have used the Eco Drake on 11 inch rough in settings.

Vital Note: Please double check you got the rough-in dimension exactly right. These 12 ″ commodes I advise just barely fit a 11 ″ rough in. If your rough in is less than 11 inch like a 10 7/8 or a 10 3/4 inch rough in, you’ll possibly not be able to set up the 12 inch commodes you get. Rough-in size is gauged from the wall surface as well as not from any kind of baseboard or molding. So to get the appropriate rough-in length see to it you gauge from over the baseboard or molding. You are almost a toilet professional if you recognize just how to determine the rough-in dimension.