4 Solutions for 8-inch & 9-Inch Rough-In Toilet Replacement

1) Make Use Of a Offset Commode Flange

One choice for your uncommon rough-in dimension scenario would be to change your existing commode flange drainpipe outlet at the floor with a 1 or 2 inch offset commode flange like displayed in this image.

8 inch rough in bathroom

8 inch rough in bathroom
8 inch rough in bathroom

” Commode Flange” is the drain electrical outlet connection device on the flooring into which the commode is bolted to. You will currently have a traditional commode flange shaft that protrudes right below the flooring surface area to attach to the primary toilet/sewer drain pipeline. What you require to do is, get a “Offset Commode Flange” with a 1 or 2 inch balancing out capacity.

The toilet offset flange will allow you to ‘counter’ or move the center even more from the wall surface by one or two inches as called for. In this way you can enhance your toilet’s rough-in size from 8/9 inches to 10-inches. This will certainly allow you to buy and set up a good 10 inch rough in commode like the 10-inch Toto Drake bathroom.

This is the most typical option adjusted by individuals like you that have encountered a scenario with a 8 or 9-inch commode rough-in. Relying on the scenario its likewise possibly the quickest and also easiest. Note, to replace your existing flange with the countered flange you will probably need to sculpt out your restroom floor.

2) Utilize 10 ″ Toto Drake CST744EF Toilet That Fits 9 ″ Rough-in

The 10-inch TOTO Drake CST744EF.10 commode sold on has been utilized by many people to fit shorter toilet rough in less than 10 inches, like 9, 9.25, 9.5 and also 9.75 inch rough-ins. This is due to the fact that generally when you mount this model on a 10 ″ rough-in, it leaves a void of 1.1 inch clearance in the back between the tank and also the wall surface.

I discovered a number of testimonials as well as comments on as well as various other on the internet forums made by people who had actually effectively mounted this model for their 9 inch rough in. This perhaps because the horn of this 10 ″ Toto is 2-5/8 ″ as well as they may have shifted the screws away from the wall by 1/4 ″ off center and obtained their 9 ″ rough-in.

I found two people on the 10 ″ TOTO sales web page, claiming it fit their 9-inch rough in outlet. Right here is the web link to one of those customer testimonials, where an Amazon “Verified Purchaser” says this Toto commode fit their 9 ″ rough in. And here’s the 2nd web link to an additional purchaser also stating it really benefited them with just 9 inches to the wall.

9 inch commode

9 inch commode
9 inch commode

Update: I discovered this representation of the 10 inch Toto Drake bathroom on its spec sheet. Notice the 1 1/8 inch void between the back of the commode as well as the wall where I have noted it with a pink arrow.

We had the same problem explained over (only 9 inches to wall surface) as well as took a gamble on the 10 ″ Toto commode described above as well as IT FIT! I wanted to post that it fit since we were so relieved and because nobody ever before followed up on this thread to state if it truly fit. We only had 9 inches as well as the entire toilet fit fantastic!

It’s lucky among the best 10-inch toilets is adaptable to an awkward situation like on a 9 ″ rough-in, since like I discuss in my 10 inch bathroom comparison, Toto bathrooms are possibly the very best commodes in the marketplace for a number of reasons, though its cost is likewise bit greater than regular. I also examined whether any other 10 ″ inch models fit 9 ″ rough in’s however couldn’t locate any cases about for them.

With a lot of sources declaring this 10 ″ Toto Drake fits 9 ″ rough ins, we can safely say its the best as well as simplest remedy if you find yourself with a 9 ″ roughin situation. Nonetheless, in case you acquire the Toto Drake CST744EF.10 and it does not help you, you can still utilize it as the 10-inch commode you will require by following the option 1 or 3 clarified here. So why not give it a try?

If this option works for you, it will possibly save you the problem of separating the flooring and setting up an offset toilet flange as recommended in solution one.

In case you need a 9.25 inch rough in toilet or 9.5 rough in commode, I located a lot more remarks in online forums and sites where individuals have actually said this Toto Drake functioned ideal as a 9 1/4 inch rough-in commode or 9 1/2 inch rough-in bathroom.

Update: My website stats reveals several individuals that read this post, have actually gone to Amazon and purchased the 10 ″ Toto Drake. If you also buy it and also experiment with this service, please leave a comment listed below sharing your experience. Your remark will certainly aid lots of thousands of people hopeless for a remedy to their 9 inch rough in problem. Thank you.

3) Wall Surface Restoration.

Your 2nd option is to refurbish your wall surface to enhance the rough-in range between the toilet’s drainpipe and the wall surface. Depending on whether you have a 8 or 9 inch commode rough-in you will require to relocate the wall surface back a couple of inches to fit a 10-inch rough-in toilet. Note, only kinds of walls that you can relocate without professional assistance are non-load-bearing wall surfaces (also called dividing wall surfaces). However for this choice we highly suggest you consult an expert for aid.

4) Mount A Wall-Mounted Toilet.

In case you can not collect the flooring to change your electrical outlet flange or you want to stay clear of using your existing commode flange altogehter you could think about setting up a wall installed toilet or a rear electrical outlet bathroom and diverting the outlet drainpipe through the wall.

Wall surface mounted bathrooms is ending up being an incredibly popular choice in cities as well as brand-new apartment buildings as they are area conserving, very easy to clean and also drain with their rear side. However, option calls for to plumb a brand-new commode waste line with your wall surface as well as mounting a wall placed bathroom carrier to attach the bathroom on the wall surface. Additionally depending upon the commode model this option will probably be extremely costly as you will have to obtain professional help too.

The rear outlet toilets are a less expensive choice to wall surface installed commodes. They are specifically like a regular standard flooring mounted commode except the drain outlet remains in the back.

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