Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Toilet Review

Layout & Building and construction

The KOHLER Highline Classic Pressure Lite is produced making use of high quality ceramic. It is built as a traditional commode with swimsuits. The model measurements are 31.13 L x 21.25 W x 31.25 H inches.

Kohler highline
Kohler highline

The floor place bowl base has a great elongated shape that supplies added space and convenience. Yet the extended bowl is also longer, which additionally raises the complete size of the bathroom (from back wall to external edge of commode). This is something you need to consider if you are mosting likely to utilize it in a small area.

The unqiuely shaped storage tank features its unique integrated pressure-assisted flushing system. The effective flush journey liver is placed in the left side rather than ideal side as in a lot of versions. The rough in is a conventional 12 inch from the back.

This design’s design looks good as well as is complementary stylishly. So it will certainly fit in a variety of washroom decor and also can blend with other bath fixtures and designs. Kohler understands exactly how vital it is to match the commode to your restroom’s primary design and color. So they have made this bathroom available in four different shades including white, black, biscuit and also almond.

Seat Elevation

The Comfort Elevation elongated bowl offers a chair-height seats degree. It is about 2 inches taller than typical height designs. This makes taking a seat and standing more much easier for a lot of adults. High and also the senior individuals will appreciate this feature quite. Even an ordinary elevation person will certainly feel extra comfortable yet younger, small kids could discover it a little high.

Flushing System

This toilet has a different flushing system than many bathrooms you locate in the marketplace. Most commodes in the marketplace are gravity-flush toilets. When you flush them, the water in the container is launched and streams down by gravity into the dish. This model’s tank has a Stress Assisted flushing system. So its a stress bathroom meaning it makes use of an air pressure technology along with water when flushing. The pressurized air and water is released when you flush it. That gives you an incredibly effective flush than various other regular toilets.

This stress flushing permits this Highline toilet to offer an exceptionally effective flush while using only the government typical price of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

Nevertheless when the pressurized water and also air is released from the storage tank it can be a tad loud. It’s stated to flush like its angry, a fairly loud but quick unexpected release of hurrying water, and after that it’s over. This is the major discouraging variable found in this version.


The pressure aided flushing style of this KOHLER Highline Standard commode is extremely effective as well as the efficiency is outstanding. When flushing the added powerful water spurts with the bathroom bowl and down the drain pipe with a big “Whoosh!” noise totally carrying away any kind of waste, bathroom tissue and anything else in the bowl. It entirely cleans the bathroom bowl really efficiently in one flush, using just 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF).

The flushing capacity of this design will be an alleviation for those of dealing with needing to connect the bathroom often or have youngsters filling the bathroom with tiny toys and also things.

While the pressed air, enhance its flushing efficiency, its a function you’ll both see and listen to. The flushing is a tad loud for minority seconds it last. It can be listened to outside the bathroom with its big “WHOOOOSH!” audio. With its power it possibly even cleaning up the walls of the pipelines with each flush.

Nevertheless many claim they have actually got utilized to the loud flush as well as do not find it a big deal after the very first few times. They more than happy with waste not ever coming back up or otherwise completely decreasing the very first time you have actually purged. With this model there will likewise not be the need to wait and see whether the bathroom is purged correctly the very first time or needing to utilize the bettor once in a while.


The pressure flush system on this design utilizes 1.6 gallons of water on every flush. The container refills failrly rapidly, though you would never require a dual flush with this model. But the 1.6 GPF flush price may be a little disheartening compared to other designs that have lower water usage prices on them.


The Kohler Highline Stress Lite uses the conventional 12 inch rough in for the drain. It comes with some guidelines however installment similar to other conventional commodes and needs only fundamental pipes skills and also tools. Any kind of prior experience hereof will assist you greatly.

This version doesn’t come with a seat or wax ring, so you will certainly need to purchase them independently. You could additionally require bolts and a supply line in case your old ones are not recyclable.

Maintenance & Cleaning

As a result of its added powerful flush this version can be stated to be a reduced upkeep toilet. You will not require to clean it as often as various other models. Cleaning instruction are beautiful criterion like any other Kohler model. For best outcomes Kohler utilizing a good cleansing service and also testing it unnoticeable location before putting on the entire surface. rinse totally with water instantly after using cleaner. Use a soft, dampened sponge or fabric and never make use of any rough product such as a brush or searching pad to clean as it might harm the surfaces.


The warranty is a Kohler 1 year restricted guarantee. When toilets are one the most heavily made use of items in your house, an one-year warranty frequently does not appear like a sufficient bargain. However however one year warranty are quite common for model from the most effective toilet brand names like Kohler for toilets in the mid range and below price groups. The best point you can do is pick a brand you can rely on as well as check client reviews and also make certain that existing clients are happy with the item and also level of service that they have obtained.


Altogether, the Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Standard Pressure Lite Convenience Elevation Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet is a deserving version with an exceptional flushing efficiency. American developed excellent quality branded toilet also enjoy the taller comfort height of the seat, the comfy extended dish layout as well as a complete satisfaction of setting up a high quality branded bathroom. But the louder flush sound from its unique stress flush system might not suit all areas and places. Overal I can recommend this bathroom as a really powerful as well as very ranked top quality version available at a mid-range price.


Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review

High Profile One-Piece Layout

santa rosa reviewThe KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Elevation Commode features a lovely single-piece layout. The one-piece style with a reduced storage tank account stimulates a feeling of high-end as the majority of people are habituated with two-piece bathrooms. It will instantly offer your shower room an elegant as well as elegant touch.

Spherical edge layout contributes to additional charm as well as assists in easy cleaning. The trip lever features a shiny chrome surface which is developed to match various other shower room fixtures. Its layout includes a contemporary look to any kind of bathroom atmosphere while saving area with its portable extended bowl.

Santa rosa
Santa rosa

This branded Kohler commode can be found in seven beautiful and also classy colors for you to select from. So you can get it in a shade to match the color scheme of your restroom. Readily available colors include almond, biscuit, black, dune, ice grey, sandbar and also white. Match to any kind of shower room concept and it will stand apart from various other brands, due to its distinct design, really pleasing to the eye.

Comfort design & Comfort

The Santa Rosa also assures comfort as its a ADA issue bathroom. The seat layout with a lengthened form is one more plus. And also its got a comfortable elevation seat for individuals to rest.

Santa Rosa Kohler toilet steps 31 x 20.8 x 29 inches in dimension. Made with smart functional designs, it does not eat any additional room at the time installment. That makes it preferably perfect both for small and large sized bathrooms.

Santa Rosa can changing even the smallest bathroom into a well-designed, comfortable, functional room without surrendering the attributes required for high implementation. The one-piece design also gives the toilet a quieter flush.

Flushing System & Efficiency

An additional point that you would certainly value in the Kohlar Santa Rosa is the flushing system. The AquaPiston Modern technology of Kohler makes it method as well. This proprietary modern technology causes the water to flush out with an increase. When purged, the water, as opposed to swirling down the commode bowl, flashes with stress, providing you a cool as well as tidy toilet after every usage.

Purging from all the sides, it gives a through 360-degrees flushing that gets rid of all sort of obstructing particles that could get into your bathroom. The trapway is fully glazed which likewise assists in cleaning the waste around the sitting dish. So you obtain a throughly tidy bathroom in a single flush which likewise stops obstructing and also stink.

Low Water Consumption

kohler santa rosa toiletThe Santa Rosa is a High Effectiveness Commode (see HET toilets). It is designed to utilize just 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Purging performance of this low consumption model with the above discussed effective flushing system makes you feel like you are flushing with 3.5 gallons of water per flush despite the fact that you are using 1.28 gallons.

Kohler santorosa
Kohler santorosa

This model can eliminate a large amounts of waste in a solitary flush utilizing simply 1.28. This has made it a EPA Water Feeling certified toilet. The advantages of Water Feeling bathrooms makes you qualified for discounts on your water costs.

Compared to older 3.5 GPF bathrooms, a 1.28 GPF saves approximately 16,500 gallons of water per year.It also saves hundreds of gallons of water a year than a typical 1.6 GPF Federal conventional rate toilet that are typically available for sale.

Firm Tested Commode

Like all Kohler commodes, the Santa Rosa bathroom has actually been evaluated to guarantee it has adequate power to flush continually. Additionally, it has actually been examined to make sure full flushing including light waste removal. They have surpassed sector standard to test and also confirm that it thoroughly washes the dish with every single flush.

Reduce of Setup

The KOHLER 3810-0 has a 12 inch rough in from the back wall to the waste outlet. Being a solitary system will make it easier for you to install it in your bathroom. It comes with an instruction manual to lead how to work out on the screws, nuts as well as fixing. Anybody with some standard Do It Yourself skills will certainly have the ability to install it. Any kind of previous experience with toilets will greatly help. If not to be secure, the choice to work with plumber is always available and advised.

Considering all these aspects it makes it simple for me to advise the 3810-0 KOHLER Santa Rosa toilet also.


How Toilets Are Made: The TOTO Toilet Manufacturing Process

Allows learn more about concerning the process of making one of the most essential furniture piece in our residences, the simple toilet. In this short documentary by BrandMadeTV you can see exactly how Toto branded commodes are made in the Toto plumbing component factory in the US. It provides explanations as well as a directed scenic tour with the Toto UNITED STATES Vice Head of state and also a lead Toto toilet developer. Hope you enjoy this video clip of the Toto Bathroom Manufacturing Refine.

Toto brand has an outstanding background as well as worldwide footprint. They are the largest pipes producer worldwide. Toto has produced more than 65 million plumbing components to day. The Toto company was founded in Japan over a century earlier. Today its a global pipes company with over 23,000 workers in more than 50 offices across the globe. They have manufacturing centers in the U.S.A., Japan, Mexico, China as well as Europe with a network of greater than 80 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Toto is additionally a business with an interest for conservation. For example, the TOTO Eco Soiree Commode in this documentary, has a high-efficiency double cyclone flush system that just utilizes 1.28 gallons of water. Its a low flow toilet as well as a high efficienty bathroom (HET). See exactly how the TOTO Eco Soiree toilet is made.


Best American Standard Wall Hung Toilet with Tank

If you are looking for the very best American Standard wall surface hung toilet with storage tank, this American Requirement 2093.100.020 Glenwall Stress Aided Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet is your finest choice.

The Glenwall American Criterion wall hung bathroom with storage tank is incredibly popular and one of the most effective wall surface hung bathroom designs currently on the market. It is very highly rated as well as scores well against various other models as a result of its functions as well as effective flush.

Its successful point apart from the bowl and tank style is its efficient and powerful purging efficiency. The effective purging performance is accomplished making use of a stress helped siphon jet action method. This makes it a ‘stress toilet’ instead of the normal commodes that use gravity flow for flushing. It has an inbuilt system within its container that pressurizes the water prior to releasing it when you flush it. The pressurized water when releases by the flushing mechanism into the container is extra powerful and also develops an unusually effective and also much faster flow. So its flushing performance is quick, clean as well as extra powerful than various other bathroom version evaluated on our best wall surface hung toilet testimonials.

The Glenwall Pressure Helped toilet uses just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. As a result of its unique stress flushing system the it has the ability to produce an uncommonly powerful purging efficiency that very effectively purges away the waste and also cleans up the bowl nicer while still utilizing the exact same federal basic flushing rate of water as other versions.

The various other fantastic advantage of the Glenwall wall toilet model is its storage tank behind while most wall commodes utilize a hidden in-wall container. This special layout permits more of open space around it and also contributes to the general aesthetic appeals and also modern-day look.

Various other remarkable features consist of a taller seats level and comfortable extended bowl form.

The Glenwall bathroom is made with glasslike china that was warmed to a really high degree as well as is claimed to help it last for a longer time. It has a side-mounted refined chrome steel journey lever that looks wonderful and also sophisticated. All these incorporated makes it a really attractive wall surface version.

Cost smart also its less costly than setting up a regular wall surface bathroom which call for a in-wall container that cost substantially more than a model similar to this that includes the storage tank.

Customarily with most modern commodes, Glenwell includes only an one-year minimal service warranty. The service provider as well as seat are not sold with it either, so you will require to be get independently.


8 Best Ways To Unclog A Toilet

Make use of a top quality bettor. Self-explanatory.

Explore the dish as well as see if you can see the reason for the blockage. If you can see whats causing the blockage (like a plaything and so on), get to in as well as remove it. Use a handwear cover.

Warm water & soap drainpipe cleaner. This is a residence made drain cleaner for clog caused by toilet tissue. First dispose big quantities of dish soap or shampoo right into your clogged up toilet. Then go down a gallon of extremely hot (yet not boiling) water into your toilet dish. Wait and also watch for a couple of minutes. Warm water will disolve the obstruction and soap will ease it glide down the pipeline.

Use a residence made drainpipe cleaner. You can utilize a mix of warm water, cooking soft drink and also vinegar.

Put 1 cup baking soft drink as well as 2 mugs of vinegar into the commode. These 2 will produce a chemical procedure that assist to dissolve blockages. Then pour the hot water into the bowl. Increase the water and also pour at-least from waist degree, instead of right near the rim to develop a powerful flush.

Utilize an enzyme waste elimination product. These items have blends of enzymes that liquify waste products. They are typically made use of in septic tanks to break down waste.

Make Use Of a Pipes Serpent. It is an adaptable coil of cord that can “serpent” right into the contours of your toilet drainpipe and obtain much deeper than a cord can. Plumbing professionals often use these to unclog bathrooms. You maybe able to acquire or obtain a plumbing snake. These are also called, “versatile cleaning tool” or “auger”.

Make use of a wet/dry vacuum. You can get or borrow one. Don’t make use of a regular vacuum cleaner. It has to be a wet/dry hoover that can manage water.

Chemical Drain Cleaner. Usage only as a last resource as these are very effective. These chemical cleansers are destructive to pipelines as well as hazardous to your bathroom dish and its polish finish. Toxic to people as well as family pets. Yet if you really need to use this, they can be acquired at most grocery and equipment shops.


TOTO SanaGloss Vs CeFiONtect Glaze Finish

“Sanagloss” is the catchy advertising term for the CeFiONtect glaze. The term SanaGloss was utilized mainly by Toto UNITED STATES for marketing their commodes in the US for over a years. CeFiONtect is more a technological term. It was/is tough to articulate than SanaGloss. So calling the special Toto glaze as SanaGloss made it very easy to articulate, remember and market. (CeFiONtect means “Ceramic Great Ion Technology”, with a leftover “T”).

But obviously around 2015, Toto went down the term ‘Sanagloss’ as well as determined to utilize the term “CeFiONtect” for the polish. The factor being almost everywhere else in the world they were calling it CeFiONtect.

However, you’ll see the term SanaGloss crop up on a regular basis when chatting with plumbings, pipes providers, and Toto toilet owners. The term is still widely used in advertising and marketing. It’s still perplexing for new toilet buyers. I recognize it provided for me when I first began checking into Toto toilets.

Should I Buy A TOTO With Or Without SanaGloss?

There are some Toto commodes to buy with and also without SanaGloss (CeFiONtect). For example, if you take the budget plan Toto toilet sector, there is a Toto Drake with SanaGloss on Amazon and a Drake without SanaGloss. The one without SanaGloss has to do with $50 cheaper. This makes some consumers buy the one without SanaGloss. Yet that’s not saving money. In the future, you can conserve time, cash and also problem with a bathroom that has SanaGloss.

I very recommend Toto commodes with SanaGloss since it stays clean longer, is less complicated to clean up, last longer and really significantly I feel much better having the better one.

( Note: If you are mosting likely to acquire a Toto commode you would certainly have seen there are a lot of different versions. I have actually covered the best Toto toilets right here with evaluations as well as contrast. It can assist you in your search and also conserve you time and money wading through numerous versions. You know just how vast the Toto commode variety is. It took me a lot of time, taking a look at around 40-50 Toto Models and also selecting the most effective from every different toilet group, be it one-piece, two-piece, dual-flush, premium Toto Washlets etc.).

Which TOTO Toilets Have Sanagloss?

All Toto commode models are readily available with SanaGloss (CeFiONtect). It is only the cheaper Toto bathroom designs that feature and without SanaGloss finish for advantage of budget plan aware customers.

The Toto versions that come with/without SanaGloss are just a few designs like the Toto Drake I Two-Piece commode as well as the TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Commode. Besides a few models like these, all Toto designs generally includes Sanagloss (CeFiONtect) polish requested a resilient coating that prevents the build-up of mold, limescale and waste matter.


Niagara Stealth Toilet Review

The Niagara Stealth Toilet takes an area amongst the very best commodes on the market today thanks to the fact that it includes a Ultra-High-Efficiency flush rate that uses simply 0.8 gallons of water per flush (GPF). That’s 50% much less water than a basic 1.6 GPF commode makes use of.

With great rankings on on-line shops, this bathroom has come to be a leading choice for lots of people who are seeking a budget plan pleasant commode which is likewise extremely environmentally friendly as well as a quite commode too.

Niagara Stealth Toilet Review
Niagara Stealth Toilet Review

Yet exactly how great is this toilet? Exactly how is the flushing performance of the Niagara Stealth Toilet utilizing so little water? What regarding upkeep and substitute components? These are some of the inquiries that spring to mind regarding this Niagara commode. To find out the solution to these inquiries and even more allow’s read Niagara Stealth bathroom review listed below to see the details and also decide whether it is the most effective commode for you.


The Niagra Stleath has a common two-piece toilet layout with a comfortable elongated designed dish. Its produced from Glasslike China which is a typical choice for commodes and also sink basins and which also makes it tougher, denser, as well as shinier. The toilet demensions are inches.

The Niagara Stealth, manufactured from glasslike china, looks significantly like a common two-piece bathroom with an elongated bowl. The smart little bits of this bathroom though are hidden from view. This is one of the most penny-wise and water reliable commode thanks to the extremely well-engineered flushing system.


Best 10 Inch Rough-in Toilets Reviewed and Compared

My Favorite 10-inch Rough-in Toilet:

Toto Aquia Double Flush Bathroom

This is an amazing commode. It’s one-of-a-kind from the others you’ll see around here due to the fact that it has an attractive skirted layout with a bent base. The layout is a chef-d’oeuvre and also supplies even more room for you with its small impact.

Made from two separate pieces, the Aquia connects together to take up less area and to bring the base more detailed to the wall. It additionally comes with a connected seat.


Best TOTO Toilet Reviews & Comparison

Best Toto Toilet Reviews

TOTO is the world’s biggest commode manufacturer and has been innovating considering that 1917. They have the very best credibility in the very affordable bathroom sector for making and supplying the most effective commodes that combine efficiency and efficiency snappy and convenience. Toto toilet models tops the lists of practically every type of commode group, from affordable two-piece toilets and twin flush versions to elegant one-piece designs as well as intelligent luxury commodes with incorporated bidet as well as ultra-modern features.

Although Kohler, American Standard, and also a lot of the other major commode produces have actually improved their products’ performance because a maximum of 1.6 gallon per flush became called for in the 1990’s, Toto is still method ahead of them. Toto has toilet versions to fit essentially every person’s preference stylishly. Every one of them from the least expensive priced ones to the extremely costly luxury ones do the fundamental task that most of us desire in a commode, and they do it extremely well. Toto toilets have couple of components that ever before need replacing, however those for Toto are affordable and also readily available at practically any type of hardware shop. This is not constantly the case with other brand names. Because of this, if you are seeking the most effective bathroom for any type of domestic or industrial setting, a TOTO branded commode is your best option.

The Toto Drake as well as Ultramax line are their most popular commodes. Nevertheless, they also generate an entire host of other bathroom choices that stand out on their own value such as Soiree, Supreme, Ultimate, Legato, Guinevere and the function abundant high-end Neorest line.

The Toto bathrooms can likewise be updated to a softer seat. You can additionally include the patented Toto Washlet cleansing system which integrate the functions of a toilet as well as bidet for added convenience.

There are many more Toto designs however I included only the very best. They handsomely defeated various other contending brand names and also models with their large high quality and also comfy design plus effective flushing power as well as water saving ability.

TOTO Ultramax II Single Toilet

TOTO Ultramax II Single Toilet
TOTO Ultramax II Single Toilet

ideal toto toiletThe Toto MS604114CUFG Ultramax II is a one-piece commode belonging to the Toto Ultramax bathroom variety. It is a WaterSense approved High Effectiveness Toilet (HET commode) with a superb style and flushing performance. The single-piece system is looks really quite with its contemporary structured appearance that enhances as well as enhances any type of shower room design or style. The Ultramax II comes very rated by both consumers and also plumbing professionals and also is commonly rated as the very best one-piece toilet by review internet sites like us. So, if you have an interest in a Toto one-piece bathroom this is your top selection.

The Utramax II bathroom is made from durable glasslike china and also engineered to excellence with precision designed, flawlessly fitting components. As a WaterSense accredited toilet Ultramax II makes use of just 1.28 gallons per flush. Yet it offers an effective and reliable flushing efficiency using an innovative double cyclone flushing innovation and also a ultra-smooth SanaGloss glazed coating. At the same time it is sensibly quiet which is constantly a plus point.

The lengthened bowl form as well as Global elevation seat level offers an extra comfortable seating experience for tall grownups and also senior than older basic height commodes. The chrome layered journey lever and Sanagloss polish provides a nice surface. Unlike lots of various other single-piece bathrooms the Ultramax II comes complete with a Toto soft close seat and also cover which is a great, worth addition for the version. If you like you can also update the version with a Toto Washlet. Generally this is a beautiful solitary system Toto commode with costs style, convenience, effectiveness, dependability and easy of maintenance, all bundled in one extremely toilet.

Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Commode

Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Commode
Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Commode

ideal toto toiletsThe Toto Neorest 700H is the best premium toilet out there today. It is an advanced Japanese design commode with integrated bidet and also full variety of deluxe functions. Individuals of any ages and capabilities delight in the advancements it provides, including push-button control, automatic flushing, automatic lid, warmed seats, temperature level and rate controled bidet sprays, cozy air dryer and more.

As you approach the commode the hands-free, automatic lid opens worked by a distance sensing unit. As you rest you feel the comfort of the heated seats and sensing unit under the seat starts and also filters the air to get rid of any odors. The bidet functionality supplies a combination of controlled heated water sprays as well as a warm air dryer that makes you well freshened. The remote control gives you complete accessibility as well as control to all of its distinct features. During the night, a nightlight offers lighting too.

Once you have a taste of what this fantastic Toto toilet, you will certainly never intend to utilize a normal toilet. It makes your life really comfy and ensures required tasks a bargain much more pleasant.

The Neorest is small and mixes well with contemporary toilet areas. Its one of the most perfect one-piece, skirted bathroom as well as bidet combination in the marketplace today. A masterpiece of contemporary design.

The Neorest 700H is likewise a ultra high effective toilet. It uses much less water than a regular commode and also provides twin flush choice. Flushing takes in simply 0.8 gallons of water for the quick flush and also only 1.0 gallon for the full flush. The Toto Cyclone siphon jet flushing system as well as dish style guarantees it flushes well with extremely little water. The SanaGloss finish reduces the opportunity of anything adhering to the surface area as well as makes upkeep extremely easy.


Toto Drake II Review – Best Two Piece Toilet

History & Review of Toto Drake 2

The Drake II is an improved model on the earlier Toto Drake bathroom. The original Drake version is still preferred and also is a great basic workhorse toilet. The Toto Drake is a fine toilet yet the Drake II is better. It has actually enhanced water preservation, better dish clean and also features Toto’s trademark SanaGloss glazed surface. The Drake 2 has actually been on the market for numerous years now and has obtained much popularity because of consistently satisfying individual requirements as well as expectations. It is also backed by Toto’s century of experience as well as reliability in supplying top notch products for your pipes, shower room as well as sanitation needs.

There are a variety of various versions of the Drake II commode up for sale that can make it a completely ADA grievance commode. Yet in this Toto Drake II bathroom review we will certainly focus on one of the most preferred variation, which is the TOTO CST454CEFG # 01 Drake II 2-Piece Commode with Elongated Dish as well as Sanagloss,1.28 GPF. This typical Drake II version comes with a left-hand Chrome trip lever whereas the Drake II ADA version includes a right-hand journey lever. The differences in variations are small and the build and functionality remain the same.

Pros & Disadvantages of Toto Drake II Commode

Lets continue the Toto Drake 2 testimonial by very first examining its advantages and disadvantages.


Great flushing efficiency

Premium quality finished product

Highly praised as well as advised by clients and expert plumbers

Eco-friendly (saves upto 20% water than a 1.6 GPF bathrooms).

Features effective and also quick double cyclone flushing system.

Sanagloss coating looks smooth, wonderful & simple to clean.

Comfortable elongated bowl shape.

ADA-compliant Universal elevation is easy for grownups as well as senior.

Beautiful slim container profile.


Greater rate than various other fundamental two-piece beginning bathrooms.

Taller seat elevation tough for small children and also some brief adults.

Bit loud but quick, effective flush.

Two-piece design more difficult to keep clean than one-piece commodes.

No dual flush ability. Both fluid & strong waste use very same quantity of water.

Toto Drake II Includes.


The Toto Drake 2 bathroom has an advanced flushing system responsible for utilizing percentage of water to effectively purge away any strong or fluid waste went down into it. The flushing system on the Drake 2 is created so that the water flushes down with full force with the all-natural pressure of gravity. For this purpose it uses the extremely innovative and Toto’s exclusive double cyclone flushing innovation. As the name indicates, it flush with two mini cyclones in action at once, developing a whirlpool inside your commode dish. The water flushed from the tank does not participate in tiny rim openings, so the water rates to the bowl wall and also press the waste to the drainpipe with excellent pressure. Therefore the flushing is additionally quicker than in various other commode versions. This cutting-edge new flushing technique from Toto has actually proved very successful in action. In testing, Drake II ratings 800 MAP for flushing.

To appreciate the double cyclone flushing system of the Drake ii, you can place food coloring or leak detector into the container. It actually does swirl throughout the dish. A torrent of water is released from each of both openings, rapidly squashes out as well as works its way around as well as down. Combined with gravity it produces an effective, tidy flush that utilizes a tower-flush device with less water. The bowls design, bigger catch method and SanaGloss complete all aid create a much better flushing experience.

The withdraw of the flushing system design is typical sound level as well as lack of twin flush capability. Its not very quiet yet not overly loud than various other commodes either. There’s additionally some sound when the container is loading after flush, but not any louder.


Nowadays, it matters not the only just how well a commode executes yet additionally how effective the bathroom is relating to water saving. A lot of the conventional old commodes utilized to eat concerning 6 gallons of water per flush. That’s way too much of water squandered. That’s why existing government requirement needs all modern-day bathrooms in installed in the United States to utilize 1.6 Gallons Per Flush (GPF) or less. The Drake II is a lot more effective than the United States toilet standard demand in water usage. As a fine high performance commode with a flush rate of just 1.28 gallons for purging both fluid and also strong waste, this Drake model is far more eco-friendly. It saves upto 20% water than a typical 1.6 GPF commode. With 1.28 GPF rate it satisfies the strict EPA WaterSense bathroom criterion. It additionally fulfills the more stringent water consumption legislations of states like California and also Colorado.

A trouble with numerous contemporary water saving bathrooms today is, its so easy to get stuck double and even triple flushing in some cases. However the Toto Drake 2 bathrooms flushing system is reliable sufficient to flush as soon as and also be done.

Nonetheless if the drake 2 had twin flush capacity you could have saved much more water. However Drake to already is more effective and makes use of less water than several popular double flush toilets on the market. Toto is really dedicated to boost water performance in the Drake. There is already an enhanced Drake II version with a 1.0 GPF flush rate, however its not still widely offered for sale in the market.


The two-piece CST454CEFG Drake II bathroom has a style that combines an elongated dish with a high profile container. SanaGloss coating offers it a very smooth look. The result is a really great looking commode that offers a modern-day appearance to your shower room. It includes in the great perception of your home or workplace as it is taken into consideration sophisticated, and also reliable.

The Drake II gauges 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches. The slim tank makes it take up less room than many various other elongated dish models. The Drake II as well as the Toto Vespin II use this very same fashionable tank, yet with the Vespin obtaining the Skirted bowl treatment. As the Drake II utilizes an ingenious double cyclone flushing system, the bowl edge doesn’t have tiny holes and also a difficult to tidy void. So the edge without holes design makes the bowl look seamless as well as keeps it cleaner.

The Toto Drake II is offered in a number of shade options. Readily available shades include Cotton, Sedona Off-white, Colonial White, Bone, and Ebony. So you can get it to match the color pattern of your bathroom style and also components.

The Drake II likewise has a computer created broad trap-way of 2-1/8- Inch. It can flush any waste put into the bowl and also avoid obstructing. Its additionally been examined and shown to flush any type of small toys or things that may be gone down right into it throughout its life time.

Yet every design has its drawbacks. The two piece layout of the Drake toilet makes it cheaper than one-piece commodes and also is less complicated to deliver and also walk around when fitting. Nonetheless it is harder to maintain to keep clean. There is also a risk of a leak creating in between the tank and also the dish. Nevertheless, this is unusual and possibly prevented.


The elongated bowl style will certainly supply convenience and convenience of use. When an ideal seat is added it additionally gives a similar height to a chair. Healthcare professionals advise these elongated versions for elderly individuals and also those having back problem or with disabilities. The extra area of the elongated bowl provides even more support to the thighs, and also helps uniformly disperse the your body weight, making it comfortable for you. In addition, the lengthened commodes are touted to deal with more ability, eventually lowering the threat of overflowing or clogging. But is also a Drake II version that features a round bowl. The much shorter round dish is made for space constrained areas.


The Drake II is a taller Universal height bathroom. It satisfies the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements with a 16-inch dish height as well as 17.25-inch seat elevation. This taller seat level makes it much more comfortable to tall individuals as well as senior as well as grownups generally. Nevertheless shorter people as well as children commonly find this taller seat degree unpleasant. So while its great for a master baths and also adult only houses better avoid it for kids spaces.

Drake II does not come with a commode seat, which is typically the situation with two-piece commodes. But most conventional, lengthened seats will certainly fit.


Cleaning up and maintenance is no worse than any commode model. As a high efficiency commode it also perfectly cleans up the bowl with each flush. Most customers are very satisfied with its flushing with little problems with skid marks or obstructing. This develops a better residence experience as well as requires less cleansing sessions to maintain it, as well as a total better commode experience for everybody.


Installation of this Toto Drake bathroom is extremely direct as well as needs just regular hand devices as well as some fundamental DIY abilities. It can be done by any individual with some Do It Yourself experience. The Drake II has a basic 12 inch rough-in from the wall to the facility of the drain. With a different container and also bowl it is very easy to move when setting up and putting. It generally features every little thing you need to install except the seat which has to be acquired separately.


Like a lot of commodes these days the TOTO CST454CEFG Drake II comes with just a 1 year minimal service warranty. 1 year guarantee often doesn’t feel like a sufficient deal when you think about that toilets are one of the most heavily utilized products your residence. Sadly one year service warranties are quite conventional for bathrooms these days. Nevertheless when it comes to bathrooms from top brands like Toto, the usual theory that a short warranty means that the business does not rely on their own items does not stand up. The most effective thing you can do is pick a design you can trust and also inspect credibility via on credible online websites and customers testimonials on on-line stores like Amazon. When it involves Drake 2 you will certainly see existing consumers enjoy with the item and degree of service that they have received and overwhelming bathroom guide sites and also discussion forums advise it.


The Drake II is not an inexpensive two-piece commode. It is much more costly than several other popular and also standard two-piece bathrooms from top toilet brand names. Yet it supplies excellent value for cash compared to numerous various other top quality toilet designs that maybe a bit less expensive than this yet have lesser item top quality, surface and also much less efficiency. So regardless of being more pricey, several customers have acquired this Drake II.

Toto sticks to an extremely strict quality control than lots of various other best toilet brands. Toto does not release faulty models for a discount rate or home builder grade bathrooms to the marketplace. The better control and far better final completed item implies you get a product that works as you expected, providing you comfort as well as fulfillment.

With Drake II, you will have much less opportunity of malfunctions and also a much longer product life time. Factor in the two-piece design too. As a two-piece toilet it has most of the remarkable attributes of fine however pricey one-piece toilets like the Toto UltraMax II. Equally the Drake II is more inexpensive, plus its replacement is also inexpensive, because you will only need to replace a single item, not the whole device if something goes wrong.